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Much has been going on since the last time you visited.  The entire site has been simplified and common features have been placed together.  We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality.

President’s Message

I am excited to again lead the St. Bernard club of America as President! I am looking forward to a positive, professional, and busy two years!

The new board and I have some exciting ideas that we are already implementing! We hit the ground running on March 1st with our first board meeting and have already started the following:

• We have created a Member Benefit Task Force. It is composed of a mix of new and older members. It’s a think tank to see what we can and do for our members, as well as a way to think about how we can retain and entice good members.
• We’ve also expanded education. We are working hard on fancier education this year, including new ways to educate our new breeders and fanciers, both hands-on and with technology. I have a large committee working on this and we hope to keep people excited about learning about St. Bernards.
• We are also working on member communication. Our second board meeting, we allowed members to listen in on our zoom board meeting. (It’s not any different than when someone comes to a board meeting at the national when we are face to face.) We will be sending out monthly a Board agenda and a summary of the prior minutes on a special Saintly Briefs. This will give our members a chance to weigh into their governors on issues that are on the agenda beforehand. Please note that if you want to join our zoom meeting as a spectator, you need to let us know in advance and sign in 10 minutes before the meeting. (The reason being I can’t run a meeting and be watching to let people in and out.)
• We are in the process of updating our website and bringing up to date the club documents as well as the minutes and different motions.
• We have committees going to update the bylaws, look at the specialty show manual, and look at the job descriptions and see if they need to be updated.
• Administratively, we are working up passable books for the board and officers. This will have information about the job, the different job of descriptions etc. As well as notes from prior board members that held that position. This will enable new people to the board to be able have some background on their job as well as get to work right away.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your governor, the officers, or myself with ideas about how we can improve the club for our membership and support all things Saint Bernard.


The purpose of The Saint Bernard Club of America Charitable Foundation is to strive for perpetual continuation of the Saint Bernard breed

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