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The Saint Fancier is the premier publication of the Saint Bernard Club of America.  The Fancier has won multiple Dog Writer’s Association of America awards for its content and quality.  

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The Saint Fancier is a quarterly publication and contains information and images, as well as advertisements from SBCA Members.

The publication acts as a photographic, historical record of the Breed.  Don’t miss out, subscribe today or better yet, join!


You must be a member of the Saint Bernard Club of America, or you may purchase a subscription to the magazine.  The Fancier is released Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Subscriptions must be received at least one months before it is released, or your subscription will commence with the following issue.


Individual  copies of the Saint Fancier may be available. You are welcome to purchase a copy (availability limited).

Saint Fancier National Issue COVER-WEB
2021 Specialty Show Issue
2017 Spring
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2016 Summer


Below are the current advertising rates for the Saint Fancier Magazine as of 9/15/2021. Please note that the BackCover, Inside Front Cover (and facing page), and the Inside Rear Cover and facing page) are reserved for noncommercial use by members or subscribers. Please check with Bill Hinchman –
for availability of these pages.

Images taken with a digital camera

Most digital cameras have a setting allowing you to choose the output format. The most common formats are JPG and TIFF. Some cameras may also produce PNG image files. With any format – larger is better. We can always reduce the size of an image with limited or no loss of quality. Making a smaller image larger will always result in a loss of quality.

High Resolution JPG is the preferred format for electronic submission. We realize this format produces large files. JPG Images should be at the highest quality the camera will produce (largest pixel format) such as 2400 X 1900 or higher numbers. Please do not select a compression option for this type of file to save space. Compression in a JPG File cannot be undone.

Snapshot style images with low pixel counts will not be good enough for publication. Downloaded web images are frequently compressed and of a quality that is fine for the web, but will not be suitable for printing.

Scanned Images

Most scanners set the default resolution to 200 dpi, which is too low for photo reproduction. If you are scanning an image for submission, please change the resolution to 300 dpi. Some scanners will then prompt you to change it back with a note that such high resolution is not necessary. Leave it at 300 dpi. If the option exists – the output format should be the highest quality JPG image (no compression), or a TIFF file.

Scans of Magazine or newspaper photos generally produce poor quality images with a lot of grain to them. These should be avoided unless it has some historical value and no other image is available.

PLEASE clean the scanner glass and the photo to insure that all lint and dust are removed prior to scanning. If necessary, remove the scanner glass and used compressed air to clean the scanner head as dust will accumulate there as well – be especially careful not to touch the scanner head with your fingers!

Photoshop Images

If you are submitting an ad from Photoshop or another image program please compose the ad with a density of at least 300 ppi for full page ads. Quarter and Half page ads should be submitted at 600 ppi if possible. Submissions should be in High Resolution JPG format. Full page ads are 8.5 X 11 Inches. Half a page is 8.5 X 5.5 Inches for Horizontal and 4.75 X 11 for vertical. Quarter pages are 4.75 X 5.5 inches. With all formats please allow a 1/4″ indent from the edge for all text and images. The only thing that should be in that 1/4″ space is background color/designs, as it may be cropped to fit.


GIF images should not be submitted for photos, as they only support 256 colors.

Raw images as they are generally in a proprietary format – Should be converted to JPG using the software that came with the Camera/Scanner.

BMP images – these files are large but generally do not have good image resolution.

Hard Copies

Printed images such as photographs, negatives, and color slides can be mailed to:
Bill Hinchman
3335 Ravenwood Dr.
Augusta, GA 30907-3529

Please include return postage if you want the image(s) back. It will cost me approximately $6.00 to mail an envelope back to you. Any surplus will be returned.

Send ORIGINALS only, not copies or magazine photos.

Submitting Photos

All photo images submitted for use in the Fancier should contain a brief description of the image and names of the people/dogs featured, the place and date taken. Please include on a seperate sheet when submitting a photo by mail. This is not necessary for advertisments.

Photos can be submitted elecronically by e-mail to: – please include image description in your e-mail body. There is a 25MB limit on file size. If the file is larger than that please see the FTP section below.

Photos can be uploaded directly using an FTP Server. Please contact Bill Hinchman to use this function. Send an e-mail to or telephone (706) 306-9440. You will be given an FTP address, as well as a name and password to upload the file.

If you submit in this manner which is preferable for large files, please also send an e-mail to with the details of the photo. At a minimum: Your Name, a brief description of the image, hopefully including the names of persons / saints that are featured & the date the image was taken. Include the image name as part of the subject line please. The above does not apply to advertisments, ony to images for use in articles. For advertisments we only need your name and the image name.

If there are any questions concerning this process, please feel free to contact me directly. Bill Hinchman – Fancier Advertising Manager / Layout & and Graphics / Photo Archives Home: (706)755-2392      Cell: (706) 306-9440                E-Mail:

Below are the current advertising rates for the Saint Fancier Magazine as of 9/15/2021. Please note that the BackCover, Inside Front Cover (and facing page), and the Inside Rear Cover and facing page) are reserved for noncommercial use by members or subscribers. Please check with Bill Hinchman –
for availability of these pages.


SizePer IssuePer Year
Full Page$ 100.00$ 360.00
Second Full Page$ 85.00$ 306.00
1/2 Page$ 50.00$ 180.00
1/4 Page$ 25.00$ 90.00
Business Card$ 15.00$ 54.00
Inside Front Cover$ 130.00$ 468.00
Inside Back Cover$ 130.00$ 468.00
Back Cover$ 135.00$ 486.00
Clubs – Full Page$ 60.00$ 216.00
Clubs – Half Page$ 30.00$ 108.00
Litter Announcement$ 20.00 

Non-Member/Commercial Rates

SizePer IssuePer Year
Full Page$ 130.00$ 468.00
Second Full Page$ 110.00$ 396.00
1/2 Page$ 65.00$ 234.00
1/4 Page$ 35.00$ 126.00
Business Card$ 30.00$    72.00

In the spirit of fairness and disclosure, all claims of show rank on any Saint Bernard advertised in the Saint Fancier will be accompanied by the “as of” date of the ranking (such as “#2 SBCA BOB (2nd quarter. ‘21 or month),” due to the lag time between ranking, publishing and distribution.  It MUST be displayed on the advertisement.

These claims MAY be verified by the Fancier staff. The Fancier will notify the advertiser if proof is required.

All payments should be made out to the SBCA and sent to:

Saint Bernard Club of America
c/o Kara Wilson – Treasurer
PO Box 396
Smithton, IL   62285-0396

PayPal payments will also be accepted and are preferred.  Access to PayPal payment options are available on this page as well as in the SBCA Online Store.

Any member found delinquent in payment may be denied future advertising rights until all outstanding invoices are paid in full.  Also, members may be denied the right to participate/exhibit in the SBCA National Specialty Show.

All claims of non-show certifications, such as CGC, TDI, TT, etc., will be verified and must have supporting documentation submitted with the ad, such as a photocopy of the certificate (a copy of the TDI license is all that is needed for CGC/TDI). It is not necessary to submit any proof of AKC titles, Hall of Fame induction or Working Dog titles; these can be verified by the Fancier staff. The use of the SBCA Logo in advertising copy is prohibited. These policies extend to the SBCA Breeders Directory, published in the Fancier. The Editor reserves the right to remove or make changes to any claim that is incorrect, illegible, does not meet these guidelines or cannot be verified in a timely fashion. All advertisements are subject to review by the Fancier staff. However, it is the overall responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all claims are accurately reflected on the advertisement.

The most frequently asked questions are “when is the deadline.” 
They are:

For Press ready ads:

Winter  January 10th
Spring  April 10th
Summer  July 10th
Fall  October 10th

For ads that need to be composed by Fancier Staff:

Winter  January 1st
Spring  April 1st
Summer  July 1st
Fall  October 1st

Download the Templates for use in your advertisement.

Examples of layouts

Single Page Template
Two Page Layout



The SBCA is a non-profit organization.  Membership is open to all persons who are in good standing with the
American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of this Club. 

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