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New To Saints?


You have made one of the most important decisions of your life by purchasing/adopting your new Saint Bernard.  With this comes great responsibility which is the reason for this page on our website.  The Education Committee wants to help you through understanding the basic needs of the newest member of your family.  Each section below will point you to pages on the site that may help you with some of the questions you undoubtedly have; whether it’s feeding, grooming, understanding the history of the breed, knowing what activities you and your Saint can undertake, and other important resources.

We wish you nothing but the best with your new companion and are here to help you through the life of your Saint Bernard.  


Advisors are one of your most valuable resources.  Our Advisors have a wealth of information and are happy to help you with many of your questions and get your started off on the right foot.  There are advisors in many of the states across the U.S. although, you are welcome to contact any of them.  Most have email and phone numbers for your convenience.  

Caring For Your Saint Bernard

Caring for your Saint Bernard can seem daunting but their needs are not that much different than ours; food & water, shelter, walks for exercise (adult), play time, vet care, and companionship.  Training is one of the MOST important things you can do with your dog and this includes socialization.  Your companion will weigh-in anywhere from 130-200+ pounds so being able to control/manage them is important.  This link will provide you with a fair amount of information.  Mentors and your veterinarian can also help you here.  


The Saint Bernard has an amazing history.  They are part of the Working Dog class and share this class with many other great breeds including the Newfoundland, Great Pyrenes, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, and many more.  They have many working attributes that include carting and rescue.  The Saint Bernard is known for their keen sense of smell and tracking capabilities which make them ideal for many of the Working Dog sports that are available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most, if not all, owners have questions about their breed choice and Saint owners are no different.  The Frequently Asked Questions page will answer many of your questions.  Please check out this page for more information.

Saint Bernard University

SB University LogoMore information will be coming on this initiative.  There is a workbook that will take you through a structured lesson plan on the Saint Bernard.  At the end is an optional comprehensive quiz where you can get a certificate from the Saint Bernard Club of America (Quis is NOT Required).  It will take you through more detailed information on the breed and give you a deeper understanding of your Saint



The purpose of The Saint Bernard Club of America Charitable Foundation is to strive for perpetual continuation of the Saint Bernard breed

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