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In the beginning our committee was chartered to produce an illustrated standard, and the first thing we did was to ask the question, “What is an illustrated standard?” We immediately discovered that the answer was complex and depended not only on the intended audience but also upon whom you asked. For example, a breeder might answer that it is simply the written standard in picture format and that its purpose is to reduce some of the liberal interpretations that some breeders display.  A new student of the breed would tell you that an illustrated standard is a learning tool whose purpose is to clarify the obscure terms used in the written version.  A judge would answer that it is the parent club’s official discerning definition of what is important as well as what is correct and that its purpose is to provide judges with a more explicit ideal against which to judge our breed.


Illustrated Commentary on the Saint Bernard
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Female Short-haired Saint Bernard


The Saint Bernard Club of America – Saint Fanciers

Older Saint Fanciers – Reference Material:
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Interesting articles and breed history information.
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Education Committee Material Archives from Bygone years

Note: These are articles put out in years past from the Education committee, for great discussions of our Breed!


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Fact and Fiction

About Our Breed by Arthur Hesser

A monastery and hospice was founded in the year 980 by the Augustinian monk Bernard de Menthon on the mountain which in Roman times was called Mons Jovis and from that time on the Great Saint Bernard Pass. This pass leading from Switzerland to Italy is called the Great Saint Bernard in contrast to the Little Saint Bernard Pass leading from France to Italy.

The Young Saint Bernard

His Care, Feeding, and Training

This brochure was prepared by the Saint Bernard Club of America, INC, to acquaint new owners with a few basic facts about their puppy. It is not intended in any way to take the place of competent professional advice. Indeed, the new owner is urged to select a veterinarian as soon as the puppy arrives – finding one who is experienced in the special requirements of the giant breeds and who in general “likes big dogs.”

Your Saint Bernard

Basic Care Booklet

In order to keep you updated on the latest insights and techniques on taking care of your Saint Bernard, the Education Committee of the Saint Bernard Club of America is pleased to provide you with the information contained within this booklet. Topics you will find inside include, but are not limited to, housetraining, crate training, grooming, bloat, exercise and socialization.


Nothing was written about the hospice dogs during the first 700 years of their existence.

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